1. fabregas04 Member

    I was wondering what the verb pichar or picharse means, as I cannot find it in the dictionary yet have heard it being used many times in Mexico. I'm not sure, but I think it means to treat/offer/pay for something for someone, such as when it is used in this context: "me pichas un helado?"

    Does this verb even exist? And is it slang or only used in Mexico?

  2. velero Senior Member

  3. lforestier

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    Puerto Rico - Spanish/English
    Would you pitch in for an Ice Cream?
  4. fabregas04 Member

    Thanks guys! Never knew pichar could have a sexual meaning too lol.
  5. jboone Member

    English (AE)
    I hear pichar every day in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. No sexual meaning here: it's the standard verb for 'to treat' or 'to pay for.' ¿Me pichas una Coca?

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