[picking up a phone call] go for somebody


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The Big Bang Theory Season 04 Episode 15
Sheldon (on phone): I’m sorry, someone’s on the other line. Why don’t you see if you can organize your thoughts and we’ll try again later. Cooper-Hofstadter residence, Go for Cooper.

It's not hard to guess the meaning of "go for cooper". Is this a common expression when picking up phone calls? It seems that "Cooper's speaking" might be more common to me?
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    No, it's not common. As you know, Sheldon uses a lot of technological and inappropriately formal language. This sounds to me more like something maybe an astronaut or racing driver would say, meaning 'all-clear' or 'ready' (for lift-off or to start a race, or, in this case, to speak to Cooper). It is (or used to be) common to say 'All systems 'go'' when everything is prepared and ready for take-off (in a rocket).
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