pickle a squirrel

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well, about ecology

save a tree, pickle a squirrel

sauvons un arbre, ... un écureuil ?
qui ... saura saisir :rolleyes: ce message ?
  • Vomact

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    "Sauvons un arbre, préservons un écureuil" (?)

    (I knew the "Sauvez un arbre, mangez a castor !" / "Save a tree, eat a beaver !", but not that one ^^)


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    Tuer ou manger, peut-être.

    Squirrels eat nuts, so to save the trees we should kill all the squirrels. Its more irony than ecology :)

    I suppose the verb pickle in this case refers to the process of preserving food in vinegar for long storage.


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    "Préservons" donne l'impression qu'on doit sauver l'écureuil, alors que là, c'est tout le contraire, c'est en faire des conserves !


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    Oh ... so the more common french expression is the one i put above :

    "Sauvez un arbre, mangez un castor !" ... you can use it with the squirrel ^^


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    The joke was originally "Preserve/Conserve Wildlife: Pickle a Squirrel" ... it plays on the dual meaning of 'preserve/conserve' ... and of course a squirrel IS wildlife.

    To place the line after "Save a tree" is nonsensical. And spoils the joke.
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