Pickup at impregnation

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Could anybody please rephrase: "Pickup at impregnation"?
It refers to machinery, i.e. a hydro-extracting machine. Does pickup refer to an increase? Also, does impregnation mean saturation in this context?
Thank you!

p.s. a unit of pickup at impregnation is expressed in %.
  • DayanaL

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    Hello Beryl, thank you :)
    The phrase wasn't in a sentence, it was a part of technical details of a hydro-extracting machine. Among other specifications (e.g.water pressure, compressed air quality, etc.), it said: Pickup at impregnation: 80-90% depending on fabric quality.


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    Welcome to the forum DayanaL

    Unless one is familiar with hydro-extracting machines (whatever they are), the phrase is meaningless.

    Perhaps we might find such a person on this forum, but generally we lack the knowledge of such arcane references.

    Good luck.


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    My experience of hydro-extracting machinery is extremely limited. They are basically industrial spin-dryers.

    The industrial process of impregnation usually involves introducing a liquid to a dry substance (in this case, apparently, a fabric.) This can be done in a number of ways. One of the ways is to simply submerge a fabric in the liquid.

    a unit of pickup at impregnation is expressed in %.
    No. It is expressed as a percentage of something. Percentages are not units. Thus, as the hydro-extracting machinery is desigened to extract the liquid ('hydro' -> probably water), it is probable that the 'Pickup' percentage is the percentage of the liquid that the hydro-extracting machinery will 'pick up', i.e. extract, (depending on fabric quality) when compared with the amount of liquid that the fabric held when first placed into the hydro-extracting machinery.

    However, to give a more definite answer, far more context is required.
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