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Dictionary entry: pickup

Omar S. Castro

Translation of "pickup" or "pick-up".
I'm an engineer and I was looking for the meaning of "Magnetic pick-up". I couldn't find nothing useful in your dictionary, so I started looking around in Internet.
Here you can find some explanation: Pickup Sensors ...
" Magnetic Pickups are routinely used in cryogenics due to their ability to operate dependably at extremely low temperatures for long periods of time. Features like glass-sealed connectors, unique internal potting, and high quality magnets that resist demagnetization make these pickups the best choice for demanding environments. We offer pickups with varying temperature ranges, sensitivity, body size, style, and connector types to cost effectively meet all applications."
Please, could you add some information related with "sensor" or "probe" or "data collection"; my English is not so good to understand and explain the correct meaning.
Thank you and regards.
  • Hi and thanks. Does pickup add any specific feature of a sensor? Because I feel they are called just sensors in Italian, or a specific name is used related to the purpose of the sensor.