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How do you say "picky eater" in French, meaning someone (usually a child) who does not like many different foods or seasonings, won't try new foods, and insists on having only simple and familiar foods? Thanks!
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    The only word that comes to my mind now is simply: "difficile". That's what we usually say to a child when he behaves the way you describe.

    "Qu'est-ce que tu es difficile !"
    "Question nourriture, je suis assez difficile, je n'aime que les pâtes et les patates !"

    Maybe some other people will have other expressions, but this one works in your context.



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    I don't know if there is a more concise equivalent in French, but I've heard people say:
    "Je suis difficile pour ce qui est de la nourriture."


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    In Québec we have an expression for this. Someone who is "a picky eater" is "dédaigneux" ("dédaigneuse" for a female).
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