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    I am new to the Forum and am not sure if this is in the right section. It didn't seem to fit "glossary" because it is not a technical term, and "vocabulary" also seems to have more technical terms. If I have posted this in the wrong place please forgive me.

    I have never been able to find the word "picky" in Spanish - in any dictionary (English-Spanish). I have asked native speakers for a translation of the word "picky" and most have come up empty-handed.

    Is there a word that expresses this in Spanish?

    The closest I can get is "exigente" or "detallista" or "sangron" but those don't seem like they are the exact same thing.


    Barbara Vega
  2. Rebecca Hendry

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    If you're meaning in the sense of "critical" you could say "criticón".

    If you mean someone is picky about, say, who they go out with or what they eat, you could use "quisquilloso".


    By the way, I think the thread would be better in vocab :)
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    Hello and welcome to the forums.
    I moved the question to the General Vocabulary Forum because that's where general questions about translations are done.

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    What do yo think about "tiquismiquis"???

    The official definition doesn't fit that much, but the way we use it in Spanish is quite the same, I think... :confused:

    tiquismiquis.(Del lat. macarrónico tichi michi, alterac. vulg. de tibi, michi, [lat. mihi], para ti, para mí).1. m. pl. Escrúpulos o reparos vanos o de poquísima importancia.2. m. pl. coloq. Expresiones o dichos ridículamente corteses o afectados.3. com. Persona que hace o dice tiquismiquis.
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    In Mexico picky would be "mamon"
    in Chile would be "pesado"
    in Perú would be "jodido"

    Also, these meanings are used in these countries.
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    I agree with "tiquismiquis" I think you're right, it gives the same idea.

    I found "puntilloso" as well which is used like "meticuloso" and "chinchorrero"(never heard before!!)
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    Hello everyone,
    Thank you so much. This is very helpful. Mystery solved.
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    This thread is from a while ago, but the topic just came up with me and after I looked up wordreference´s definition, I should say some things:

    Yeah, in Spain where I live tiquismiquis is what word we say to mean picky. And to Fsabroso:

    In Spain mamon=jerk
    pesado=someone who is a drag/really annoying
    jodido=well it means lots of things. Could be drunk, or screwed, or fukced, etc. Never heard it has meaning picky.
  9. espider Senior Member

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    Although of a person it has come to mean annoying, surely the translation given in wordreference.com itself, "fastidioso" is still valid?
  10. ORL Senior Member


    Pesado en Argentina es alguien difícil de soportar. También se le dice "plomo" (por pesado).

    Jodido es alguien que tiene malas actitudes hacia el prójimo, o quien es terriblemente difícil de satisfacer. Alguien demasiado puntilloso, que busca la quinta pata al gato o el pelo al huevo o que cuando quiere algo quiere la chancha y los veinte.;-)

    Mamón se entiende por influencia española, pero no es de aquí.
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