Picture, image, reproduction.


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The issue is ( for example) :
I would like to inform people that the publishing house is going to print a book. The book is devoted to philately. There are about 1000 scans of different stamps on the pages of this book. When I give short description about this book I would like to mention about these scans of stamps in the book. But how can I call these stamps (what is more appropriate) – images or reproductions? Example: you can see in this book more than 1000 images of rare stamps OR you can see in this book more than 1000 reproductions of rare stamps?
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    To me, a reproduction of a stamp is a separate piece of paper that looks more or less like the original stamp. These are images. I wouldn't use "pictures," since that word suggests that someone drew them by hand. "Illustrations" is another possibility.

    Aside from asking here, I'd look at descriptions of other books about stamps and see what term they use.


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    I'd say images, too - it's a nice, all-purpose word for what you have in mind here. I don't have the same issues with pictures that Egmont does, because that to me could mean "photographs" or "drawings," but images leaves little room for confusion.

    Edit: I agree on the potential problem with reproduction, too.