PIE form of Varuna?

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  1. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Is werunos the PIE form of Varuna?
  2. Wolverine9 Senior Member

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    The name "Varuna" is attested in Sanskrit and Mitanni, so it can be assigned a Proto Indo-Aryan origin (from an IE root). There are no certain cognates for it in other languages, thus it is unknown whether the name has a PIE basis.
  3. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Surely Ouranos or Uranus is one. They represent the asuras that were deposed by Zurvan or Chronos and then he by Zues or the Devas or Daevas.
  4. Wolverine9 Senior Member

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    The etymological analysis of Ouranos and Varuna, and whether they are connected, is unclear.
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  5. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Joseph Shipley says PIE *aue "water,wave". Skr. Vari "water" vati "he blows" varsha "rainy season" Gk. Ouranos "god of heaven and rain" uranus, urinate.

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