pierre d'angle

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    It means cornerstone, literally as in the first stone laid in a building
    By extension the basis for a belief or doctrine. "The infallibilty of the pope is the cornerstone of his power"
    Darwin's "Theory of natural selection" is the cornerstone of modern biology.


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    I agree it's a cornerstone, but isn't the cornerstone the middle stone of an arch?

    (oops - I'm wrong)
    A cornerstone is a ceremonial masonry stone, or facsimile, set in a prominent location on the outside of a building, with an inscription on the stone indicating the construction dates of the building and the names of architect, builder and other significant individuals. The ceremony of laying a cornerstone is an important cultural component of western architecture (See also foundation stone).


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    I am caught between "cornerstone" and "capstone" since the context is about a doctrine it could go either way but I like "capstone" as in an arch.:) Does anyone agree given the context I mentioned.:) Thank you for the help.


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    figuratively, I can see no difference batween a keystone or a cornerstone/linchpin
    la clé de voute de son raisonnement = la pierre angulaire de son raisonnement
    la clé de voûte est la peirre qui maintient en place toute la voûte (sans elle l'édifice s'écroule) et la pierre abngulaire est fondamentale à l'édifice. Donc...
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