pies quietos (children's game)

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  1. Maroseika Moderator

    There is a game called pies quietos in Spanish and here is what it looks like.

    The game is very simple:
    Players are standing in about meter distance around or in front of the leader. Leader tosses the ball up and cries out somebody of the players, who must catch the ball. If this player catches the ball, he becomes new leader. If he fails, players scatter and as soon as he finally picks up the ball, he cries "Stander" (this is in Russia; in other places cry is different, of course) and everybody must stop immediately.
    Then he must throw the ball to any player he wants. Players may evade staying in one place, while the thrower when throwing cannot leave the place where he picked up the ball.
    If the player is tagged, he becomes new leader.

    In the USSR the game was very popular in the middle of the 20th century and obviously appeared there during the war or maybe shortly before the war.
    Russian name for the game was штандер (spelled like German Stander) or Stander-stop, Stop-ball (Стоп-мяч), Gaper (Зевака).

    Do you know this game in your country?
    How do you call it?
    When you think it appeared at your place?
  2. sakvaka

    sakvaka Senior Member

    I've played a similar game called kattomuna (roof egg). You're supposed to throw the ball on a tilted roof, then cry out a name, and then the other person will try to catch it before it falls down. All the while, other players scatter and as soon as s/he picks up the ball, everyone stops. Then the person in charge takes three long leaps, spits once, moves to where the spit has landed and tries to throw the ball at other players.

    In this version, players mustn't change place but they are allowed to crouch and do everything they can to prevent a collision with the ball.

    However, the only place where I've seen it played is the village of Parikkala near the Eastern Border. In consequence, I don't think the game is very popular in Finland. :)
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Great variation! Especially a spit.
  4. jazyk Senior Member

    Brno, Česká republika
    Brazílie, portugalština
    I've played this in Brazil, but I don't remember what it's called. :( I know it's not pés quietos, though. :)
  5. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    We have a similar game here:
    Players (usually young boys and girls) stand between two throwers, one thrower stands on their back the other on their front. One of the two throwers, throws the ball towards the other so as to hit one of the players in between. The kids between the two throwers try to avoid the ball touching them. If one of the players is touched/hit by the ball, is removed from the game. If one of the players catches the ball, it catches a «μήλο» ('milo) and takes the place of the thrower. The game ends when all the players are thrown off the game. This game's called «μήλα» ('mila, pl. neuter)--> apples.
  6. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    The one that Maroseika asked, in Turkey it's called İstop. (Comes from 'stop')

    We have that game as well. :) In Turkey it's called Yakan top (lit. Burning ball).
  7. Maroseika Moderator

    This game is very popular in Russian even our days, but this is quite different game than Stander. In Russian it calls вышибалы (from the word meaning "to knock out').
    But we have one important distinction: a player catching the ball earns bonus ("life") called 'candle', which he can use when the ball hits him next time. The last player remaining in the field, wins. Or his team wins, if two teams play, the whole team throwing one or even more balls from two ends trying to knock out the players from another team.
  8. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Hungarian: kidobós (??)
    I cannot remember I've played it lately. :D

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