Emily Reigh

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Hello! Can someone give a translation for pietrisco? I think that it is something like small rocks or stones:

I know that gravel is translated as ghiaia and pebbles is translated as sassolini, so what is this word?

Thanks! :)
  • Benzene

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    Hi Emily Reigh!

    My suggestion is as follows:

    "pietrìsco (sing), pietrìschi (plural)" = "rubble, gravel (for building and general uses), (for roads, highways, railroads) metal, road-metal".

    Source: HOEPLI Dictionary on line.




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    If you're trekking among hilly terrain you can come acoss a slope consisting of pietrisco. In which case "scree" (and "scree slope", eventualmente) are right on the button, for my money.

    In other words, this stuff can also occur in a "natural" context.
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