Pigs sweat, ladies perspire.

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  1. charlie2 Senior Member

    I picked up the above from one of my English teachers. Do you make such a distinction in French? (Not necessarily on " sweat ", of course.)
    Thank you.
  2. LV4-26

    LV4-26 Senior Member

    What I have heard is : "animals sweat, men prespire, ladies glow"

    And no, we don't have such a distinction in French.
    We do have two verbs, though : "suer" and "transpirer". Number two being more formal. And I've never used any of them for animals. I don't know why. Maybe animals don't prespire in France..?
  3. charlie2 Senior Member

    How do ladies glow?
    It is " perspire ". In case you wrote it that way hoping to correct me in a polite way.
  4. LV4-26

    LV4-26 Senior Member

    :D Oh no. I think I've only seen this word (perspire) written once. So I take your word for it.
    As for "glow" I think I've seen the whole sentence in an advertisement in a newspaper. But I've never had any idea what "glow" means in this context.
  5. Cath.S.

    Cath.S. Senior Member

    Bretagne, France
    français de France
    I seem to recall a French version of "pigs sweat etc."
    "Les bêtes suent, les hommes transpirent, les dames, elles, se contentent d'avoir chaud."
  6. jniec

    jniec Member

    USA, English
    Hi Charlie2

    Glow is a euphemism for sweat. It is very out-dated, probably mid-19th century.

    Now it is used sacastically.

    She said after working out at the gym, while wiping her brow, "I'm not sweating, I'm glowing."
  7. Nsonia Member

    tunisia (arabic, french, english, spanish, basic italian)
    Merci Egueule de nous rappeler cette version française certes, plus longue mais pour une fois tellement plus délicieuse.
    Un concentré d'euphémismes, de sarcasme et de bon goût.
    Encore Egueule, encore!!
  8. charlie2 Senior Member

    And no ladies, French or otherwise, came out to object to this saying?
    This is a statement, not a question. ;) Thank you, everyone.
  9. Budd

    Budd Senior Member

    Washington, DC
    American English
    I believe the Victorian original was "horses sweat, men perspire and ladies bloom."

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