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Can someone tell me the meaning of "pikasheen":confused: , please?
It is in this context, in Ireland:
"Sonia, a little pikasheen who wouldn't have had a drink on her at all, that would end up in hospital"

Sonia had had an accident. And the comment before had been said by a drunk.

I am asking in this forum because I didn't find the meaning in the dictionary, so I want to know what is it.
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    There's a lot of foreros from the Emerald Isle around but they're all hanging back.

    I can't find a definition, but I can tell you that this is a transliteration from Irish language which has a lot of words ending -een or in the original -ín (note the accent - not to be confused with -in).

    There's the girl's name Roisín pronounced (approx!) Roo-sheen. There's spailpín or spalpeen. And many more. So pikasheen is probably a transliteration of pikasín or something similar.

    An Irish speaker will probably be along in a moment to tell us.


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    The pikasheen is probably a wee pixie-like creature - without the a.
    I can't find an original Irish version, sorry.

    (The Roisin who lives next door to me is Row-sheen. Others may be Raw-sheen. Sadly, these attempts to capture the pronunciation do no favours for the beauty of the name pronounced properly, either way.)


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    OK - I got you now.

    This is not at all a pikasheen, it is a piscín - 'pish-keen - a kitten.
    Now surely it's no surprise at all to be calling a young girl a kitten :)


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    Or alternatively, it's never Irish at all but Chaucer.
    Ah my dear wee pig's eye - or piggesnye.

    PiggesnyeTerm of endearment for one's sweetheart, literally "cute little pig's eye," from Chaucer, who is created with inspiring the tradition of sending love notes on St. Valentine's Day.