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I would appreciate some help with translating this term, taken from a geotechnical report on the construction of a kiosk and swimming pool.
The term appears in the GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS section of the report, as follows:

3.- Para el caso de ejecución de pozos de cimentación, puede optarse por rellenar con hormigón ciclópeo hasta la cota de apoyo de la zapata, o bien situar en el fondo a ésta (previa entibación del pozo) y posteriormente levantar pilar enano.

Muchas Gracias!
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    hi, its a small pillar, a pillar that doesnt have the same height as others in the building, and f.e. is used to reach another element or level... or to suppport something that is not as a entire floor, in this case perharps it is easier and cheaper to extend the structure downwards using this 'small pillars' than another way or sistem of foundation to reach the accurate level in earth