Pilate was <sunk> by a Samaritan pseudo-prophet

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Jesus’ enemies did not prosper. Soon after his crucifixion, Pilate was sunk by a Samaritan pseudo-prophet who preached to excited crowds that he had found Moses’ urn on Mount Gerizim. Pilate sent in the cavalry who culled many of his followers.

Excerpt from
Simon Sebag Montefiore

Hi. What does “sunk” mean here?Does it mean “degrade”?
Thank you.
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    His fortune ran out; he passed into oblivion; he was disgraced. There are a number of overlapping meanings which have a remarkably long history in the English language; OED has a figurative use of sink from as long ago as 1368:
    Ye rekke not whethyr I flete or sinke. (You don't care whether I sink or swim")​
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