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  1. pubman Senior Member

    Hi All

    There is I believe a word in Finnish that sounds to me like 'commafucker'. Sorry to be crude.

    It describes someone who is always criticizing other peoples grammar.

    Does anyone recognise this word?

    Many thanks
  2. Spongiformi Senior Member

    "Pilkunnussija". That's indeed exactly "commafucker" if directly translated into English.

    Needless to say you don't see it used so often in more civilized places. "Pilkunviilaaja" ("commafiler", referring to the tool, like a rasp) is the less offensive version.
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  3. pubman Senior Member

    Thank you very much Songiformi,
  4. Hakro

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    Pilkunnussija very seldom describes someone who is criticizing other peoples grammar. Generally it means someone who insists on unnecessary accuracy about anything. I'm quite sure that pilkunviilaaja is the original term and the crude word has come to use later.

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