Pilote d'exploitation


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I find this job title, 'Pilote d'exploitation', often but I have no clear idea of what the English equivalent is.

Thanks in advance.
  • Hi and welcome to the forum casaba.
    Do you have an example of a sentence where you found the expression? To me, pilote d'exploitation doesn't really sound like a job title...
    The term is often the sole line at the top of a job listing (followed by the omnipresent "H/F" which I've assumed to be 'homme/femme', maybe to eliminate any sexism in titles with gender... anyhow, another topic).

    Looking back through several of the job listings, I noted that in the text, "pilote d'exploitation", is often followed by a particular software package:

    Afin d’accompagner le développement de nos clients, nous recherchons un pilote d’exploitation Unix.

    Sometimes with an "en" between the two:

    Nous recherchons, pour l'un de nos clients basé sur Sophia Antipolis, un Technicien / Pilote d' Exploitation en Environnement Unix/Windows.

    But sometimes on its own:

    Pour le compte d'un de nos clients et intégré au sein d'une équipe, nous recherchons un pilote d'exploitation.

    All these listings are (I believe) Information Technology related jobs, and I'm familiar with the term 'pilote' for 'driver', but I don't see any connection here.

    System Administrator. Sounds plausible. I'll try going with that and I'll repost back if I come across any problems.