1. Kidagakash Member

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    What would be the English equivalent for 'pimiento morrón' in a recipe (Galician empanada) in ' Pimiento morrón (un bote mediano)'? Sweet pepper? Sweet chilli? Do they sell sweet pepper/chilli in jars in the UK? I remember buying powder but a jar?

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Seica Senior Member

    Spanish / Galician - Spain
    As far as I know, it'll be a bell peper, but you may want to clarify that it must be red in color (I've seen them green, orange and yellow).

    In Spain bell peppers are boiled before being put into a jar - you may also want to clarify that they aren't pickled or preserved in brine.

  3. Kidagakash Member

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    Honestly, I've just been to Lidl to have a look what do they have there (I need to adapt my translation to the UK reality) and couldn't find anything in a jar! I've got no idea how to translate this bit :(
  4. Seica Senior Member

    Spanish / Galician - Spain
    It's good news that you have some freedom with your translation.

    Actually no one I can think of uses canned pimiento morrón for their empanada. Just tell your would-be cooks to use raw red bell pepper (I'd say a big one is roughly equivalent to the content of a medium jar), chop it and add it to the pan about 10 minutes after they've added the onions.
  5. Kidagakash Member

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    I was wondering... Is it difficult to prepare pimiento morrón? Is it just cooked (in water) pepper and that's it? Maybe instead of buying a jar of them I could just indicate that they should be bought fresh and cooked?
  6. Kidagakash Member

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    Thank you very, very much! This is what I'll do. As for the translation, I was ask to do a 'cultural equivalent' so I can do whatever I want as long as the text can be understood by an English person ;)
  7. xpaulax Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Just a plain red capsicum.
    Chop it and fry it in a pan, as Seica suggested.
    You can give them the option of buying a medium can (if they find it) or a big raw one.
  8. godelcah Senior Member

    Monterrey, México
    Mexican Spanish
    Belly pepper
    Lo que sería pimiento-chile panzón.
    No bell pepper
    que sería chile campana

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