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Hi everyone, Im trying to give some sense to the word "pinch" in the sentence:
"superior abrasion and pinch resistance ensures durability of the wire" "La resistencia superior a la abrasión y al pinch asegura la durabilidad del alambre"
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  • Reostricción.

    Pinch effect - (elect) reostricción.

    pinch‚ effect Physics.
    the tendency of an electric conductor or stream of charged particles to constrict, caused by the action of a magnetic field that is produced by a flow of electricity. [1905–10]

    Ojalá sea esa la palabra correcta en español, veamos que dicen los eléctricos y entendidos de esta materia.


    Peter P.
    I believe that´s the word since I´m dealing with electric and electronic power sources and the resistance is measured in pounds.
    Thank you