pinchar a un celular

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  1. dunnowhy New Member

    Hella everyone:

    I'd be very pleased if you can answer me something. How can I say ''pinchar (a un telefono celular)''?

    In this sense, ''pinchar'' means calling a cellphone but without wanting the other person to answer. It could works as advertising, reminder, greetings...or whatever you and the other one share in intentions.

    ''Pinchar'' is useful if you want someone to call you back or if you want that person to remember you but without losing your cellphone's money ;)

    Thanks a lot.
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  2. page Senior Member

    I think pinchar is to tap a phone but from your explanation I am a bit confused. Do you mean a missed call, maybe?
  3. PALOMA BB Senior Member

    I understood from the explanation "a mised call" too..
    Wellcome to forums
  4. dunnowhy New Member

    thanks page, i've just seeked in this dictionary ''tap'' and the fourth meaning regarding ''pinchar''.

    thanks both of you.
  5. Moritzchen Senior Member

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    Spanish, USA
    Entiendo "pinchar" un teléfono de la misma manera que Page, como "tapping", una escucha telefónica no autorizada.
  6. marzelaw Senior Member

    Chile, spanish
    he escuchado miscall, pero no estoy seguro del todo
  7. mithrellas

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    Spanish & catalan - Catalonia (Spain)
    Yo también entiendo pinchar como una escucha ilegal ---> tapping

    Lo que indicas para mi sería una llamada perdida aqui y aquí tienes un par de hilos que hablan sobre ello.

    Hay varias opciones como: give a missed call or give you a ring or give you a beep.

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