Pinche asistente, cara de limón


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Hola a todos,

Estoy traduciendo un texto de Carlos Fuentes (mejicano), y el tono es muy coloquial y grosero. La frase entera es:

"?Qué dices, pinche asistente?, que a sus órdenes mi general, aprende, cara de limón"

El contexto no es muy claro pero al mi parecer, la voz narrativa esta gritando a unos musicos mejicanos.

Puedo traducirla como:

What do you say, you fucking servant? That on his orders my general, learns, bitter face

Pero no tiene mucho sentido....

Que pensais?

  • danielfranco

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    I would think that "pinche" is not as insulting as "fucking", in the same degree that an assistant is not quite a servant…

    Maybe something like, "What say you, you damn assistant? Well, at your orders, my general, learn, you lemon-faced you…"

    Whatever the fuck that means… Lemme' check it out 'n' see if I can't find the lyrics text. I'll be back in a jiffy…

    EDIT— Alright, I'm back, I found the page where all this happens. It seems like someone is on a rant, and at the same time he's talking down to someone, probably an employee at the bar. And in the middle of his tirade about General Obregón, he's also giving this employee a tongue-lashing, probably because he just told them that they can't come in dressed like they are. And:
    "So, what do you say (read as 'what should you say to me'), you damn assistant? Well, (what you ought to say to me is) 'at your orders, my general', learn (as in, get it straight, or learn your lesson, or capisce), you lemon-faced you… (probably the guy has a green-yellowish skin complexion)…"

    And so on, and so forth.
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    Gracias!! Todo el texto es una frase entera y es muy dificil para mi de entender. Hay una parte que me parece tratar de chicas...

    "Se levantó las chichis con grúa después de jugar fútbol con ellas, esta es de las que se meten goles solas, ha de tener el ombligo del tamaño de una plaza de toros"



    "He lifted the tits with a dump truck after playing football with them, this one is one of the girls who put themselves in lonely goals, she must have a bellybutton the size of a bull ring..."


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    She lifted her tits with a crane after playing soccer with 'em, she's one of those that "scores" on herself (probably referring to playing with herself), she must have a belly button the size of a bull ring.

    Anyway, it's gonna be a long, long, long road to understand this "stream-of-conciousness" style, especially with so many idioms. Good luck!
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