pinche + llevar una gorra

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    Recibí esto en una carta personal de una mexicana...estaba escribiendo de una visita de un primo norteamericano quien no comprende español:

    "Aprendio a decir algo en español ji,ji,ji,ji lleva una gorra que el quizo que dice Monterrey ! que pinche calor !!! y aprendio a decir !!! "

    No comprendo el modismo LLEVAR UNA GORRA ni PINCHE CALOR, pero aquí ya he leído que PINCHE puede ser casi una palabra vulgar. Pero creo que a él lo alaba porque lo quiere mucho.

    Loquamur (quod latine <<hablemos>> indicat)
  2. lix Senior Member

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    I'm not Mexican, but maybe the guy was just wearing a cap with the word 'Monterrey' (which is a city/state/province/something) in it.

    And about 'pinche', maybe she meant that it's awfully hot in there, and 'pinche' acts as an adjective for 'calor'.
  3. eesegura Senior Member

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    Did the cap have "Monterrey - que pinche calor" on it? Maybe it was making a joke that Monterry is known for its really hot weather; and maybe your Mexican friend found it funny that those were the first Spanish words your cousin learned.
  4. akakus Member

    You need a mexican. I do not understand it neither.
  5. arellaca Senior Member

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    I am Mexican, let me explain this issue.

    Pinche is a nasty word, it goes beyond "it's awfully hot in there" it means "it's fucking hot in there"

  6. Bilma Senior Member

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    Llevar una gorra- to wear a cap
  7. renneo Senior Member

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    Well, it is not actually the word that arellaca is refering to. "Piche" does not have the same insult as the word described above. Pinche it is more like a "damn"....
  8. pejeman

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    He wears a cap with the name of the City of Monterrey, in the State of Nuevo León, and the phrase "Bloody hot!", because of the very hot weather you usually find there.

  9. Carlos Palomera Member

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    If I am understanding right, "llevar una gorra que el quiso que dice 'Monterrey, que pinche calor'"
    gorra is a cap, and Monterrey, que pinche calor! I concur with Arellaca, Monterrey (the city), how awfully hot!

    Pinche has many meanings. The "correct" (all are correct as they become widely used...) is "cook helper". (although you will never see, "Se busca pinche", when looking for a job, hehe).

    However, pinche has become an adjective that usually emphasizes something, usually in a negative way. If you use it alone, e.g., "No seas pinche" it would mean something like "don't be mean".
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    Muchas gracias a tod@s. ¡Tambie'n he aprendido *yo* algo ma's de este idioma muy interesante!


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