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I saw the phrase "pinche tambo" in a book and I am not sure what it means? Sorry if it's offensive.
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    Well, "pinche" is a rude Mexican adjective, roughly equivalent to "effing".

    "Tambo" is the Andean word for a posada, or inn.

    This is interesting, because it mixes Mexican and Andean terminology.


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    Por lo visto ambas palabras depende del país: Mira lo que dice el DRAE:


    1. com. Persona que presta servicios auxiliares en la cocina.
    2. adj. C. Rica, El Salv. y Nic. tacaño (ǁ miserable).
    3. adj. despect. malson. Méx. ruin (ǁ despreciable).

    (Del quechua tampu).
    1. m. Arg. y Ur. Establecimiento ganadero destinado al ordeño de vacas y a la venta, generalmente al por mayor, de su leche.
    2. m. Arg. Corral donde se ordeña.
    3. m. Bol. y Ecuad. posada (ǁ lugar para hospedarse).
    4. m. El Salv. y Méx. Tonel de lámina.
    5. m. Méx. prisión (ǁ cárcel).
    6. m. Perú. Tienda rural pequeña.

    En cuanto a Mexico encontré esto:


    A vulgar term that everyone uses. An intensifier, usually negative, as in, the phrase popular with drivers, "pinche hijo de La Chingada," "lousy son of the archetypal whore." But it's occasionally used in a positive sense, as in "que pinche culota!" "what a piece of ass!"

    A Mexican writer who had just come back from Spain told me "I don't understand how they survive without 'pinche'.


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    Thank you all! I knew pinche was sometimes vulgar but wasn't sure how it was used! I appreciate the assistance!


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    I work with guys from Honduras and they use tambo like "jug" or "can". Like a can of gas, tambo de gasolina. Or a trash can, tambo de basura. Pinche is f*cking, like "contesta pinche telefono" (answer the fucking phone). Pinche tambo could mean, fucking can.
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