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Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by doloritax, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. doloritax Member

    spanish spain
    Hola a todos

    ¿Cuál seria el término español para "pinion bush"? Es una pieza cilíndrica en el interior de un piñon en un eje de transmisión.

    What is the spanish word for "pinion bush". It is a cilindrical piece in the inside of a pinion in a transmisión shaft.

  2. Turrialba Member

    English / USA
    Are you sure it is not called a "bushing"? Bushing would make perfect sense.
  3. doloritax Member

    spanish spain
    It is repeated a number of times in a repair manual and always as "bush"

    I think it might be "casquillo"


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