Pinoy Worship Song

Sara Lee

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Pinoy Worship Song

Here are some source links for your reference:


Pinoy Worship song - YouTube

"Pinoy Worship Song" - Google Search

Q1. Is "Pinoy" widely used among you Philippine people? Or is it seldom and less common than "Tagalog" and "Filipino"?
When and in what context do you usually use "Pinoy"? What do you use it to refer to?

Q2. Is "Pinoy Worship Song" grammatically correct and understandable? Does it make sense?
How do you understand it? Does it have any special meaning?

Q3 If I want to share an English worship song sung by Filipinos or the Philippine people,
is it okay and fine to use "Pinoy Worship Song" to describe it? Will it attract most Filipinos, including both Philippine natives
and those overseas Filipinos?

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