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Hi, native speakers of English!

I've heard the expression "put your finger on something" before, but I've just heard it in an interview and would like to know if it can be replaced with "pinpoint".

The interviewee is the lead singer of a band, and he's discussing the label - or music genre - that has been attached to them. He says: "I think it's always kind of been a little difficult for people to put their finger on exactly what we are".

So my question is: Could we rephrase that sentence like this?: "... difficult for people to pinpoint exactly what we are."

Thank you in advance.
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    Spanish (Spain)
    "pinpoint" sounds much more exacting, and I question when a music group's type can by 'pinpointed.' Is there a master map of music types; authoritative lists of categories? What are the boundaries of rockabilly?
    Thank you, bennymix. I see what you mean. However, I'd say putting your finger on a music genre - at least in the field of rock, where labels are always quite fuzzy - is an equally difficult thing to do, isn't it?

    Just to be clear, do you mean that "pinpoint" is a more specific expression than "put your finger on something" in your view?
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