Pintan calva

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Hi, I was reading an article in el foro of El País and I came across a phrase that I don't understand. Can anyone help?

It's: "Esta ocasión la pintan calva dado que la última oferta respeto a la enseñanza del inglés..."

  • mariamartinez

    Spain Spanish
    Ocasion was a Roman godess. She had wings on her feet and arms meaning that good things pass quickly. It was a beautiful woman with beautiful hair only on the front part of her head,the rest of her head had not hair at all so, when Ocasion passed in frot of you if you weren't able to catch her front hair you lost her.She passed very fast because she had wings.this way when we say la ocasion la pintan calva we mean that we have to take advantage of this very moment otherwise we will lose the opportunity
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