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What does "pipe to" here means? Let's get to work, or get out the tools? Or something else? I do not find the "pipe to" in dictionaries...

And then the car, which had been travelling very smoothly, began to grate and bump.
“Tyre gone!” said Fleur, turning her head: “That’s torn it.” She brought the car to a standstill, and they all got out. The off hind tyre was right down.

“Pipe to!” said Hilary, taking his coat off. “Jack her up, Adrian. I’ll get the spare wheel off.”

Reference: Maid in Waiting, by John Galsworthy
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    The context would suggest that it means approximately "let's get to work". I suspect that it derives from piping a bosun's whistle to summon all hands : "all hands on deck" = everybody get to work.


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    So did I. It's not in the OED under any of the senses of 'pipe', but I feel Glasguensis's explanation is right.
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