pirate (vt.)

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pirate (vt.)

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1. Your own definition for the term.
: to poach

2. An example showing it in use.
He had his adversaries among the staff, but he also had his allies, people he had pirated from the company with which he'd been formerly affiliated.

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The book "Envy", by Sandra Brown, Page 128

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OED entry:


3. transitive. To take (an employee) directly from another company or business, esp. after an unofficial or illegal approach; to headhunt. Cf. poach v.2 11.

1943 E. Clark et al. Wartime Facts & Postwar Probl. vi. 71
They began ‘pirating’ workers from other companies by offering higher wages and by promises of wage increases.
1965 Times 5 Jan. 5/5
Some firms make no contribution to training but are content to pirate skilled workers from more progressive employers.
2001 Business Dateline (Nexis) 8 June 7
We were very careful not to violate any laws legal or moral about pirating employees.
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