piscine à balles

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  1. TiTia_43 Senior Member

    "Piscine à balles" which can be found in leisure center for example.

    How do you say that in English? Swimming pool full of balls ? I don't know if there's an idiomatic expression in English.

    Need your help.
  2. Victoria Plums Member

    Velaux, France
    France, French
    I'd say a "ball pool"
  3. frenchboy Senior Member

    Pool of balls? Or ball pool... I'm struggling to imagine this - can you give the context or describe this a little more? Thanks.
  4. DrD

    DrD Senior Member

    Cantal, France
    England English
    It's a ball pool - assuming you mean one of those large containers filled with small balls for kids to play in...
  5. TiTia_43 Senior Member

    Yeah, that's it, for kids. I've also found: ball pits ?
  6. DrD

    DrD Senior Member

    Cantal, France
    England English
    I've never heard of that. The standard expression in the UK is definitely ball pool - I've even been in one (of course, I was a lot younger at the time ;)). It works nicely in English because it rhymes.

    It's possible that other anglophone countries might say 'pits' though - I just had a quick look on Google and I think all the results it returned for 'ball pit' were American websites. So I guess it depends who you're translating for.
  7. TiTia_43 Senior Member

    Ok, thanks a lot :)
  8. toban

    toban Senior Member

    English - Canada
    In Canadian English, I've heard "ball pit" but never "ball pool" (so presumably the latter is BE and the former is North American).

    J'ai vu « Bain de balles » au Québec. J'ai fait une recherche sur Google et j'ai trouvé beaucoup plus de sites avec "bain à balles" qu'avec "bain de balles". Est-ce que les deux se disent? Est-ce qu'il s'agit d'une variation régionale?

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