piscine à débordement

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  1. Romanoff06 Member

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    Hello everyone!

    I'd like to know if someone could give me a good translation for this word: "piscine à débordement."
    I thought about "overflowing swimming-pool" but I think it's too word-to-word translation.

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  2. floise Senior Member

  3. Romanoff06 Member

    France français

    Thank you for your answering so quickly! Your post is really relevant.

    Perimeter overflow pool! It does make sense! English is somewhat more logical than French.
  4. Sweetkaro

    Sweetkaro New Member


    comment traduiriez-vous "à débordement" en parlant d'une piscine ou d'un bassin...
    I found "infinity pool"... but I'm not shure it's correct...is it?

    Thanks !
  5. SteveRusso Senior Member

    Français de France
  6. Sweetkaro

    Sweetkaro New Member

  7. Jazzlaz New Member

    French - Canada + English
    you're right - usually it's infinity pool. That's how hotels refer to them for example.


    Makes me want to go on holiday :)
  8. Sweetkaro

    Sweetkaro New Member

    if only we could !
    Holiday...hmmm...what does this word mean ? ;) ... makes me dream...
  9. A-class-act Banned

    Arabic, French
    As the subject is on the table,edge pool,is that correct?and make us thinking about the same pool?
  10. Jazzlaz New Member

    French - Canada + English
    Sweetkaro - Vive les vacances! It's very cold and snowy here in Edinburgh.

    A-class-act - "edge pool", I'm not sure - there are references to a negative or a vanishing edge pool, but they are not commonly used. Infinity pool is definitively the most popular expression in this case. Hope that helps!
  11. mgarizona

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    Phoenix, AZ
    US - American English
    Here in Phoenix have heard all these: negative edge, infinity edge, zero edge.

    As I have a flume system in mine, which is commonly called a "never-ending pool," the notion of "infinity pool" all by itself sets up cognitive dissonance, but that's probably just me.
  12. Sweetkaro

    Sweetkaro New Member

    Provence is not snowy...but we have this cold cold wind called "Mistral" if you've ever heard of it ... :(

    So 'infinity pool' is the most popular word, not refering only to luxurious swimming pools in luxurious hotels in luxurious sunny places... not for us unfortunately ... thank you !
  13. A-class-act Banned

    Arabic, French
    Jazzlaz,You said it helps?I'll say a BIG YES,it helps thank you a lot.

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