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    Please I want to know what does pishing mean? I read it in a newspaper which talk about (estafas cibernéticas o nuevas modas delicitivas)
    Thank a lot
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    Is the word "phishing"? The "ph" is sounded as an "f', so the word is pronounced "fishing." Phishing is a new term ("neologism"), so you may not find it in a printed dictionary.

    It refers to attempts by criminals who use deceptive tactics to obtain ("phish for") computer, financial and other information for nefarious purposes.

    You may click on a link in an email that appears to come from your credit card institution, which will take you to a site that appears the same as the genuine site. You will be told that that you need to sign in to correct an urgent problem. You enter your username and password; now the criminal has your confidential information, and can charge to your account. I received one of these phishing emails a few months ago; I reported it to the bank's fraud division.

    For this reason, I never click on a link in any email. If I need to go to a credit card website, I use a browser bookmark, not a link.
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    Thank a lot for your kindly answer.

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