1. Paul E

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    Morning all

    Any ideas for this phrase in this context:

    Las acciones de grupos etnicos estaban insertas en el control de diferentes pisos ecológicos

    I've seen this term pisos ecológicos before but never found a satisfactory translation.

    Many thanks!
  2. Yyrkoon

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    flat non harmful for the nature/environment ???
    No doy para más, lo siento.
  3. Txiri

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    It´s been somewhat caché lately to speak of one´s footprint. There´s an ad that runs on tv lately that inquires of various people if they know how much of a "carbon footprint" they leave behind.

    Could this be an ecological footprint?
  4. Paul E

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    Hmm.. interesting. I've been chatting to some NGO people who say it might be eco-strata - which would explain a later footnote on how this piso ecologico can be horizontal rather than vertical.

    Much prefer 'ecological footprint', mind you. Thanks
  5. Coque Senior Member

    Buscando en google vi que se usa "ecological spaces", "ecological levels", "ecological zones", "altitudinal ecological zones" (esta parece precisa)... "Ecological niches" quizas es muy general. Incluso vi "valley floors", "ecological floors or stories". No se si tambien "ecological stage" podria ser util... creo que se refiere a otras cosas.

    /...sin tildes.
  6. Suca

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    piso ecológico is a geological term that refers to a specific strata or layer of earth
  7. Belen13 Senior Member


    On the same note, my context is ... sostenibles para la unidad familiar campesina cuya mano de obra disponible recorre diversos pisos ecologicos durante el año

    I read this as "sustainable (activities) for the peasant farming family unit whose available workforce covers/moves through various ecological areas throughout the year.

    Any ideas on this?
  8. Suca

    Suca Member

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia
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    You might word it just a little more simply, like this:

    ...sustainable (activities) for the farming family, whose available workforce covers several ecological areas per year.

    I think your choice of "areas" is probably OK since it's more about surface area, and in my opinion your choice of "covers" sounds a little better than "moves through".
  9. Belen13 Senior Member

    Thank you Suca.
  10. gemorales New Member

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    Not sure where you were working, but in the Andes "piso ecológico" is a direct reference to John Murra's theory of "vertical archipelagos," describing pre-colonial indigenous networks that spanned multiple climes (mountains, valleys, tropics) to facilitate the exchange of labor and goods between different regions (Vertical archipelago - Wikipedia). At least where I work in Bolivia, government officials and NGO workers often use the term to describe past (and sometimes present) indigenous systems of reciprocity and exchange. The most precise translation would probably be "ecozone" for the specific region and "vertical archipelago" if you are describing the system as a whole.
  11. patacones

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    Adding the the particular use in Bolivia, and in Peru, apparently, of this pesky term that has been disturbing my peace for years, I just found a video from Peru, entitled "Pisos ecológicos" which refers very specifically to different regions of the country, but based on a range of altitudes of each region, rather than on the location within the country. Near the end of the video (yes I watched the whole thing trying to figure this out), the narrator uses the term "piso altitudinal". There it is. I do see where sometimes the term is used in connection with the indigenous networks as gemorales mentions, but I think it i also used, at least in these two countries, as a general term for ... well, for whatever the right word for altitude-based regions is in English.

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