piss in one's hat


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France, French

I'd like to know if this is a common expression and, if yes, what it means.
It simply appears as such:

"I went into his hotel suite and pissed in his -- not his hat -- his toilet."

Thanks for your help
  • Tony917

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    Pour ma part je ne connait pas d'expression "piss in his hat" peut-etre auriez vous un peu plus de contexte? peut-etre sagit-il d'une expression que je ne connais pas! j'attends de voir si des gens plus informés vont répondre

    Keith Bradford

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    There seems to be some folklore about pissing in hats:

    There is an urban myth that a pregnant woman is allowed to piss in a policeman's hat.
    There is the phrase "I wouldn't piss in his hat if his hair was on fire" (= I despise him)

    ... but the expression doesn't seem to really mean much.
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