pistola Marcadora de Paintball

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  1. LaChikis Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Hola ninos y ninas!

    Quiero saber como se le llama a la pistola o "arma" que se utiliza cuando jugamos paintball. Se que en espanol se le dice MARCADORA pero no se el equivalente en ingles, alguien me puede colaborar por favor?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Aidanriley

    Aidanriley Senior Member

    SD, California
    Paintball gun.
  3. LaChikis Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Ya la encontre!!! Se le llama marker tambien.

    Muchas gracias de todas formas! De pronto esta inforacion le sirve a alguien mas algun dia!

    Saludos amigos!!!! Merry X-mas!
  4. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    I've never heard marker, only gun.
  5. Aidanriley

    Aidanriley Senior Member

    SD, California
    Paintball marker is a term that is usually only known by those who avidly play paintball, but it is technically the "politically correct" way to refer to the gun.
  6. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Interesting! I guess which one you use depends on your audience then ...
  7. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    I agree with Aidan. "Marker" is a technical term for "gun", in the specific context of paintball. You should use "paintball gun", unless your readers are familiar with the jargon of the sport; then you can use "marker".
  8. LaChikis Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Yeah! That's right... you can specify "paintball marker" if you're not familiarized with the topic. But if you check for references on wikipedia or other paintball specialized pages, you'll find the word "marker" alone because it is just obvious...

    Thanks for the comments! :)

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