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    what is the difference between pit and mine? how can I translate this into Spanish?

    Phrase: Evaluated pit optimizations, produced pit & dump designs and mine plans
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    The pit is the hole in the ground and all it's associated tunnels and underground spaces. The mine is the pit, plus the buildings and operations above ground, such as repair shops, material processing conveyors and towers, and processing plants. In very small operations, the pit and the mine are the same , but in larger operations there is the pit plus additional buildings and structures that are collectively called 'the mine'.

    I regret that I do not know how to translate 'pit' in this context into Spanish.

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    "Pit" refers to "open pit mine". In Latin America, "open pit" is "tajo abierto".

    Mine = mina
    Mine plan = plan minero
    Dump design = Waste dump design = Diseño de botadero (para ésteril)

    A pit design (diseño del tajo) is typically part of a mine plan, although the two are very closely related.

    Mines are generally "open pit mines" (mina a tajo abierto, o a cielo abierto), or "underground mines", which are associated with tunnels and underground operations (mina subterránea). An open pit operation would not have tunnels unless the overall mine has a combination of underground and open pit operations, e.g., a tunnel leading in from the face of a pit.

    Mora is generally correct in that those of us who work at mines refer to the entire mine property (pit, process plant, shops, offices, etc.) as the "mine", and this is done for convenience when we are away from the property. When we are on the property itself, we are more specific and when we say "the mine", we are usually referring to "the pit", where the mining is done. You can usually tell by the context of the conversation. But I have not seen any difference in this usage between small mines and large mines.

    Reference to a mine plan:
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    Thanks, I have learned something new, that in the UK coal mining industry, an underground mine is referred to as a pit. I have to admit I know little about coal mines, but after your last message, I did a Google search and the only references I could find to "pit" that are not about "open pit" were UK coal mines - yes, there was one about a Polish coal mine, but it was in English, so who knows? Anyway I´ve been in this business (hard rock mines as opposed to coal) a long time, and when I see "Evaluated pit optimizations, produced pit & dump designs and mine plans...", I am pretty sure this is a mining engineer working on open pit mines.
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    En operaciones a "cielo abierto", sobretodo en las de Cobre se acostumbra a denominar el pit como la proveniencia del material, para el caso de la frase a traducir el "produced pit" se refiere al material (mineral) útil que es extraido desde la mina.

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