1. Bushwhacker

    Bushwhacker Senior Member

    What does "pitch" mean in the sentence: "I'd take the screenplay around and pitch it to people, but everyone would say "no, it's not going to work"?

    The background, as you can guess, is someone trying to find a producer to make a movie.

    Maybe "pitch" here means forcing people to see/read the screenplay, to see it quite close to their nose?

    Thanks for your help
  2. Robañero Senior Member

    SE Wisconsin, USA
    American English
    "pitch" in this context means to present your idea to the producers and try to sell it to them, or convince them to produce it. These are arranged meetings like any sales call and there is no connotation of forcing. It simply movie industry terminology.
  3. abb1025

    abb1025 Senior Member

    English USA
    You're on the right track but it means persuade, with a little presentation or speech) not force them to read it.

    Along the same lines, a salesperson "pitches" a product to the customer.

    (Just as Robañero said. We must have posted about the same time.)
  4. Bushwhacker

    Bushwhacker Senior Member

    Thanks a lot to both of you for your concern and useful help

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