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    Singer who is planned to sign by a label speaking with her manager:

    Singer: He(the head of the label) said they wanted to give it time and let the reality-show stuff(featured her some embarrassing moments) die down, and then once Sadie's(another singer) album is released, then they'll focus on me.
    Manager: Okay. Well, did he pitch you a plan, at least? What's the roll-out look like?
    Singer: You know... record an album, hit the talk-show circuit, and then go on tour with an established artist to grow my fan base.


    What is the definition for "pitch" here? It sounds like "talk about a plan" but I want to know its exact meaning please.

    Thanks for your help.
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    "To pitch" means to present something as an idea for someone's consideration. It's most commonly found in reference to a "sales pitch" - someone giving a (usually) short presentation to someone else about why they should buy their product/idea.

    Here, the manager is asking if he presented (almost certainly verbally, but it can be done in a written form) an idea for the singer to consider.
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