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Moderesa de Beagá
Português/ Brasil
Nosso amado mestre Cuchu said:
Not all photographers are F-stops either, though I've met a few who are highly over-pixelated:D Pompous obfuscating jargon is everywhere.
I'm looking for pixelated...... Well, I've found pixilated in our WR,
among other definitions it gives:
impish, implike, mischievous, pixilated, prankish, puckish
naughtily or annoyingly playful; "teasing and worrying with impish laughter" .

Anyway, over-pixelated and pixilated what are these words about? (love them, feel like calling names at somebody: You big pixilated!)

Thank you all!
  • nycphotography

    Senior Member
    American English
    Vanda asked me this and I initially observed the very subtle difference between "over-pixelated" and "over-pixeled".

    Over-pixelated would be too FEW pixels... while over-pixeled would be too many.

    Then Vanda prompts me to look it up, and I realize that cuchu may have been calling me overly insane and I missed it entirely!!

    Cuchu... what DID you mean by over-pixelated???



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    Confession time... As if you didn't already know...I like puns.

    Pixelated as in pixie-ish, and also, simultaneously, a play on
    pixel. Digital camer makers try to outdo one another with the number of pixels their devices capture. Hence, to be over-pixelated might mean any number of things, including overly concerned with techno-jargon, or even (and this was not directed at NYCP) having too many pixels crowded together in a given area, as in dense.

    In short...just wordplay, with no particular intent.

    Glad it gave someone a smile.


    Moderesa de Beagá
    Português/ Brasil
    I knew it! That it might have a pun behind it, but I wasn't able to understand it! :D Oh yeah, you give us much more than a smile, most of the times a hearty laugh (told you so) and above all I learn much more from your puns, jokings, satirical comments - also Panj's and some others - than the other way.

    Thank you!


    Pixellated is occasionally used by the computer-literate in Ireland (at least, and maybe elsewhere?) to mean drunk. I think it stems from the fact that one's vision is so out-of-focus that what one sees appears like those images we see on tv where a face is made unrecognisable by being 'pixellated'.
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