1. Could anyone help me please with translating "plénitude" correctly - I'm trying to figure out what the artist wants to say.

    His theme is knowing and accepting ourselves. I've included the sentence which follows (which is actually a paragraph too!) to give context to the use of "plénitude".

    At first I was going to use "fullfillment" but after reading how Vitruvian Man is an icon of balance, perfection, proportion, I'm wondering how the artist would prefer his vision to be translated!

    In French :
    "Mon oeuvre évoque l’effort entrepris par tout un chacun pour parvenir à la perfection, à la plénitude. Cette plénitude, figurée ici par l’Homme de Vitruve de Leonard de Vinci, un homme inscrit dans un cercle et un carré, passe par une profonde connaissance de soi, par une acceptation de son identité, par une attention quotidienne portée sur nos pensées, nos actes, nos paroles, nos échanges avec les autres et par un comportement en harmonie avec nos idées personnelles comme avec la nature qui nous environne sous toutes ses formes."

    Would really appreciate any help please!
  2. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    Could it be "bliss"?
  3. I don't think so - it's a good idea but the text continues to say how to attain this state by constantly re evaluating yourself, learning to behave peaceably with other communities etc etc. Thanks and any other ideas very welcome. Fulfillment is probably the best -balance and harmony in all things are the themes that come across. in the text...

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