Place+date, no verb please.

Denis the fatalist

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my turn.
How do you state place and date in a written sentence with no verb, as the background of what will be reported below, at the begining of a chapter/article/book ?

My Try :
"Mothiari, June 1903, 25th in the afternoon, time for cocktail parties." (forget these pecular place and time, they're just here for fun).

I mean :
- The date : in which order, so that any english speaking (!) reader can understand it (intending no separate editions for Texas, British Columbia, Barton end district in Nailsworth - Glo', and first Caïman Island on the left)

- The time : I mean it maybe about half past 6 pm.

- The place : I intend to put it right at the beginning, and maybe I'm going to add something at the end a sentence like "... in this god-blessed land" or so.

- The style : no verb, a direct sentence, clear and short, no useless word.
  • Geordie_Wilber

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    Geordieland, Geordie (English of sorts!)
    Hi Denis, a lot will depend on the style you're writing in - other than that you can get away with a lot ;) but you don't normally see a comma in the date in BE (even though it is more grammatically correct ;))

    Mothari, late afternoon, 25th June 1903. Time for a drink.

    Mothari, 25th June 1903, half past cocktails.

    Mothari, 25th June 1903, 6.30pm and that means cocktail time in this god-forsaken hell-hole.

    Good luck!
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