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  1. vachecow Senior Member

    USA English
    I saw a French book magasine, but all of the prices were in dollars. But instead of writing the price as $5.00, they had 5$, and so on and so forth. Is that normal?
  2. Cath.S.

    Cath.S. Senior Member

    Bretagne, France
    français de France
    The official abbreviation is USD, so it should be 5 USD or 5 dollars.
  3. Karl K Member

    Quebec City
    In Canada that's indeed the official way of displaying a dollar sign in French. Rules appear to be loose in most French-speaking countries, as egueule mentions USD is commonly used in Europe. Canada's currency, however, is the dollar and therefore they have an "official way" of displaying it, after the value numeral (either 5$ or 5.00$ is acceptable). In French Canada 5 USD is rendered as 5$US or 5.00$US
  4. vachecow Senior Member

    USA English
    Thanks everyone!
  5. Shark

    Shark Senior Member

    France - French
    Indeed in French we put the sign of the currency after the amount: it's the case for every currencies: one British pound = 1£; one euro= 1¤; etc...

    Just a little question: don't you think it's more logical? Just teasing you... ;)
  6. Nywoe Senior Member

    Canada: English and French
    well, actually I do think that it is more logical, because when talking, whether in French or in English, you say "dollar" after the amount.

    Ex.: fifty dollars ($50) = cinquante dollars (50$)
  7. foucrazyfoucrazy

    foucrazyfoucrazy Senior Member

    English, Canada
    In Canada, in English, you'd write "$5" for "five dollars."
    In French, it would be "5$" for "five dollars."
    I think "5" followed by the dollar sign ($) makes more sense because it reads "five dollars" instead of the English way: "dollars five."

    Well... I hope that helped you somewhat. If not... oh well.
  8. coolchick

    coolchick Senior Member

    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    English/French, Canada
    So what if I wanted to write $3 billion en francais?

    3 billion$


    3$ billion


  9. friasc

    friasc Senior Member

    Saint-Etienne, France
    En France où est-ce qu'on place le signe du dollar américain, avant ou après le chiffre ? Je l'ai vu des deux façons donc je me posais la question...
  10. pointvirgule

    pointvirgule Senior Member

    Mtl, QC
    langue française
    En français, peu importe le pays, le symbole monétaire se place après le montant, séparé par une espace : 10 $.

    Voici une bonne référence : BDL, Symboles d'unités monétaires.
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  11. 3 milliards $ ;)
  12. Procol Senior Member

    British English
    Publicité : You would write "3 milliards de $" ou "3 milliards de dollars". Regarding this whole thread, the rule is simple. In English, sums are written with the dollar/pound/euro/yen sign before the sum, in French it comes after. So €30 in English, 30 € in French.
  13. My bet (based on common sense and common use but there must be official rules)
    Formal language "3 milliards de dollars"
    Normal language "3 milliards $"

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