Place of work / Workplace?

Rigardo Lee

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Is there any, if anything, difference between workplace and place of work?

Please take for example a novel context from the famous 1984 where I came across 'place of work'.

* A kilometre away the Ministry of Truth, his place of work, towered vast and white above the grimy landscape.

Could 'workplace' do the same job here?
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    Place of work is a broader term. He worked within the Ministry.
    His workplace could be a desk in some small office.


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    Workplace, to me, has a friendly feel to it. Place of work is more neutral and more formal. I think that version fits the tone of the book better.

    Uncle Jack

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    Could 'workplace' work perfectly as well here?
    Possibly, here, but in general where referring to the building where you work, no. You would not ask someone on the street where their workplace was, but you could ask them where their place of work was.

    I am not entirely sure why I think "workplace" is possible here. It could be because Smith is the main character, so we might be interested to know where his desk or office is, not merely the building where he works.