place / put pressure on something / someone

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  1. frenchie02 Senior Member

    Bonjour à tous!

    I am trying to translate:
    School places too much pressure on young people

    My attempt:
    Le collège place trop de la pression aux jeunes.

    But I feel that this is too much of a literal translation...?

    Would this be better?
    Le collège mets trop de la pression aux jeunes

  2. PouletteAuCurry Member

    Votre 2ème essai est déjà bien meilleur, mais il y a quelques erreurs :
    - conjugaison du verbe "mettre"
    - construction de "trop de" + nom

    Travaillez bien !
  3. jetset

    jetset Senior Member

    To place pressure on someone : mettre [de] la pression sur quelqu'un.
  4. frenchie02 Senior Member

    Donc c'est:
    Le collège met trop de pression sur les jeunes?

    Merci encore pour votre aide!
  5. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    You have constructed it correctly based on the advice you received, frenchie.

    PS: We can also say put pressure on something or someone. To me, place pressure is slightly more formal, but both mean the same thing.

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