place that sells snacks for students/pupils


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This word is not in the dictionary and I don't know if an 'institution' like this exists (if something like this is organized) in GB or the US.
So I'll try to describe it:

In German schools pupils can buy sandwiches, donuts, crossoints, sometimes even sweets, and small bottles of drinks during break. These snacks are usually sold at a kind of stall. Sometimes the caretaker of the school sells them, sometimes it's a shop-assistant from a baker's who has made an agreement with the school. What would you call this place (and institution) in English?

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    I've never used or heard "canteen" before in that sense. If someone said that, I would think they were talking about the object they fill with water during a camping trip.

    At public events, it can be called a "concession stand".
    At my school, there are food trucks outside.


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    This is not a canteen or cafeteria in BE. Those are terms that might be used for the major food-provision facility in the school.
    Here, it used to be called a tuck-shop - I believe it still is in many schools.
    You might possibly call it a food kiosk or, if there is an external commercial interest involved, a concession stand - but both terms sound very US to my ears.


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    I think "tuck shop" is distinctly BE.
    It's also the term used in Australia.
    It refers specifically to a food outlet at a school.

    Tuck shops in most Australian schools are like a big window.
    The students line up, buy what they want, and go elsewhere to eat.

    Tuck shops sell things like pizza, sausage rolls, salads, sandwiches, milk, flavoured milk, fruit juices, ice-cream and snack foods.

    Generally speaking, food for lunch is pre-ordered, and delivered to each class at lunch time.


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    When, as a child, I attended sleep away camp, the concession that sold sodas, snacks and meals was called a "commissary".
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