placement blocking and darting techniques

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Can i know please the exact meaning of "placement blocking and darting techniques". Here is the context: "Katsui achieved subtle changes in light and tonethrough an overlaying of triangles – a feature explored throughout the Paul Smith ‘Black’ collection with placement blocking and darting techniques. These graphic influences are seen in the clean lines of the separates, with a nod given to luxe sportswear in the fabrics, from stretch linens to double-faced cottons bonded with jersey lending a sharp and modern feel.

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    Thank you.

    You might want to wait for an answer from some member who is familiar with sewing techniques, but I think "placement", "blocking", and "darting" all refer to different sewing techniques or stages of the sewing process. "Darting", for instance, refers to sewing folds in fabric.

    *Linked to Wikipedia "Dart" (sewing)
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