Placement of פשוט


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American English
Here is an example exchange from my Hebrew tutor:

?אתה בסדר
( Are you alright? )

כן, פשוט אני עייף מאוד
( Yes, I’m just really tired )

Does it matter if I say אני פשוט עייף מאוד? That would be my instinct as an English speaker.
Is there a difference in meaning depending on where פשוט is placed?
  • I feel like פשוט אני עייף is like saying "it's just that I'm tired" and אני פשוט עייף is like saying "I'm just tired". In English these mean exactly the same thing.
    Google Translate says "It's just that I'm tired" is זה פשוט שאני עייף.
    So maybe it's more accurate to think of it as "I'm just tired" in terms of wording, except that in English we can't put the "just" first.
    It's good as a tool to help you find translations, but you always have to verify the translation if you want to rely on it.