Placement of "chic" in sentence


English -- Canada
To complete this sentence using the words in parentheses -- Il porte un _____ ________ ___. (costume/bleu/chic)

Would the correct answer be Il porte un chic costume bleu? The placement of chic is my concern. I know colour words follow the noun.

My dilemma is that un chic costume sounds better than un costume chic, but I know that most adjectives follow the noun in French.

Merci en avance!
  • Blancheneige

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    Switzerland - French
    It would be "Il porte un costume bleu très chic", where the adjective follows the noun.

    Just saying "Il porte un costume bleu chic" would not sound colloquial. "chic" often goes with an adjective when describing an outfit:
    "Ce pantalon est assez chic", "Cette robe est plutôt chic"