placing oneself -positioning oneself?

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  1. doloresmr Senior Member

    hi friends!

    I'm having doubts with these words. I need to express in English the "ability to place oneself" meaning to be able to know exactly where you are. Spanish: orientación, sentido de la orientación.

    I'm not sure whether, if I use "place", I'm conveying the meaning of assuming a certain body posture, instead of what I want to mean, which is to know the exact location/position you're standing in....

    "the ability to situate/place oneself is different in nature to the other skills we're discussing here...."

  2. Txiri

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    USA English
    Why move away from "orientation"? The ability to orient oneself in nature ... why not?
  3. doloresmr Senior Member

    Well, i kind of find it related to coaching or career guidance and so..... like the first meaning that comes to mind is not that of space. I'd rather find a different word
  4. sophiablueeyes Member

    British English
    Could you give some more context around the sentence?
    Also, although maybe context would clarify, by "in nature" do you mean "in the natural world" or "in essence"?
  5. doloresmr Senior Member

    Thanks, true about nature/essence!

    I'm talking about sailing skills, which can be technical or related to other things like, in this case, mental abilities which cannot be learnt.

    This is the context:

    "Placing oneself:

    It is a key factor in order to learn how to sail. If it is not clear where the wind is coming from, neither will there be any certainty about where to turn to go about, or which course to follow to get on a beat, a reach, etc; it will be like sailing in an unknown space.

    The ability to place oneself is different in essence to the other skills discussed here. It involves intellectual skills such as spatial reasoning and spatial visualization, which are determined by each person’s development and capacity. They are primary mental aptitudes which develop with age."

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